I'm Sara Nagel, a Billings, Montana based photographer that specializes in weddings & engagement photography. My clients are all about love, laughter and having a good time. It is important to me to make people feel at ease when getting their photo taken, so I always keep my sessions laid-back & fun to bring out that gorgeous natural smile!

My photography style is joyful, colorful & oh-so lovey dovey! I want your photos to represent who you really are and create memories that you can treasure forever.

Being engaged and getting married are huge milestones in any person's life and I value the trust that they put in me to capture these important moments. We only get one life so my motto is to always love hard, dream big, and take lots of photos!

So, go ahead and grab a cup of coffee and browse through this site to see if I'm the wedding photographer you're looking for. I can't wait to visit with you about your upcoming event!

Capturing your laugh, your moments, & your