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Luke + Kelcie :: {Billings, MT Engagement Photographer}

It may have been freezing cold at Luke & Kelcie’s engagement session, but they kept each other warm byView full post »

Keenan + Daniel :: {Billings, MT Engagement Photographer}

These two have been together for 7 years and so they obviously know how to have fun with each other! We shared a lot ofView full post »

Whitney + Chad :: {Billings, MT Engagement Photographer}

So, I’m kind of obsessed with this engagement session, but who can blame me?! The weather was phenomenal, theView full post »

Morgan + Jason :: {Billings, MT Engagement Photographer}

I wish that I could include an audio recording of this couple from their engagement session because their laughs are soView full post »

Matracia + Keith :: {Billings, MT Engagement Photographer}

Beautiful Autumn day — check! River, trees, and adorable dog — check! A couple that is incredibly in loveView full post »

Ashlee + Cody :: {Billings, MT Engagement Photographer}

It all started with a tree house… Ashlee & Cody built this tree house together over the course of two summersView full post »

Jessica + Wes :: {Billings, MT Engagement Photographer}

These two traveled a long distance to meet up in Billings just for their engagement session, so I feel honored thatView full post »

Devin + Andrea :: {Billings Engagement Photographer}

You know how you sometimes meet people that you just instantly click with & feel like you’ve known for years?View full post »

Corrie + Beau :: {Billings Engagement Photographer}

I knew right off the bat that I was going to have a great time photographing this couple! Corrie & Beau areView full post »

Jana + Ben :: {Billings Engagement Photographer}

For those of you who know my dear friend Jana, you know what a fun-loving, energetic & hilarious girl she is.View full post »

Tyler + Katie :: {Billings Engagement Photographer}

Tyler & Katie have been together for a long time so I’m sure that all of their friends & family areView full post »

Lauren + Ben :: {Billings Engagement Photographer}

These two lovebirds aren’t afraid of a little snow & cold weather! Lauren & Ben kept each other warmView full post »

Angie + Matt :: {Billings Engagement Photographer}

Angie setup the engagement session with me, so I could tell when Matt stepped out of his truck that day, the last thingView full post »

Bryce + Jill :: {Billings Engagement Photographer}

Fun, spunky and trendy are 3 words that I would use to describe this couple! Bryce & Jill brought so much of theirView full post »

Spencer + Kaycee :: {Billings Engagement Photographer}

It’s couples like Spencer & Kaycee that make engagement sessions my favorite type of photos to take. I honestlyView full post »