Anna + Peter :: {Winter Wonderland Session}

Anna & Peter asked for a Winter Wonderland engagement session and they definitely got it! The giant snowflakes made for a beautiful & romantic backdrop. The cold weather made them snuggle a little closer and they had the brilliant idea to end the session at a brewery! Not a bad way to end a photo session if you ask me!


Anna & Peter’s Story

They were set up by a mutual friend when Peter was living in Colorado and Anna was attending college in Montana. The friend told Peter that he needed to move back to Montana so he could date her friend. Apparently her match-making skills paid off because before long, they were dating!

Anna & Peter dated long-distance for almost 3 years and then they realized that Skype videos & phone calls weren’t enough. So Peter moved to Montana to be with Anna. What a good man! During one of their golf dates, Peter proposed to Anna, and surprised her with all her friends and family too. They are just the sweetest couple and have a connection that is undeniable!

I think all photo shoots should end with a beer! Oh, Uberbrew, you never disappoint!